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  2. Copy your standards.Copy-paste the standards into your plan.
  3. That’s it.Your plan is now aligned with Common Core.
Common Core Standards:
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Official Common Core PDF Download:

English / Language Arts
Is this free?
Yes. We are committed to making this a tool that teachers can use for their classrooms — without having to pay for it.
Does this have all Common Core standards?
Yes. This is the only comprehensive Standards Finder for all standards: both in Math and English / Language Arts. This tool also includes the English / Language Arts standards that apply to writing in History, Science, and Technical Subjects.
How does this help me align my plan with Common Core standards?
You can start by using the Standards Finder to browse standards for the topic you want to teach. Having the complete standard written on your lesson plan will help ensure that you align your aim and lesson to the Common Core standard you want to teach. The easy-to-use, comprehensive Standards Finder will also help you know exactly what skills your students should have mastered from prior years and what skills you need to help them build for future grades.
How does this help me demonstrate alignment with Common Core standards?
A great lesson or unit will always help students learn, regardless of the standards in place. Just like a posted aim will show any visitor to your classroom that your instruction is purposeful, a standards-aligned lesson shows the evidence of planning that you need to create excellent instruction.
Why did a crossword site make this tool?
We believe in teachers. We use the proceeds from our crossword site to fund teacher tools like this one. If you share this vision, you can support our partner crossword site by visiting it at or telling your colleagues about it.
Do you have state-level standards?
We currently offer Common Core standards only. We also create custom solutions that administrations offer their schools to meet their needs to align to other standards. Contact [email protected] to set up an initial call.