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Hit a Home Run in Georgia History

A viral disease contracted by Roosevelt that can cause partial or complete paralysis
Leader of Japan during WWII.
FDR became governor of this state in 1928 and again in 1930.(2)
This city in Georgia became Roosevelt's second home.(2)
This sports figure plays short stop for the Atlanta Braves.(2)
FDR attended this law school.
This United States Presidnt never attended public school. He was born into a wealthy Hyde Park family and was educated by tutors and his governesses.(3)
Roosevelt worked out a three-part approach to helping our country recover from the depression.
The Braves centerfielder.
This governor in 1932 won the election because he portrayed imself as a country farmer. He earned a law degree from UGA.(2)
In 1943 eighteen-year-ols were given this right.
September1, 1939 is recognized as the starting date for this war.(3)
Two major Georgia shipyards uilt a hundred cargo vessels called the Liberty Ships. These were located in Brunswick and _______.
The United States entered WWII when this country attacked Pearl Harbor.
There were three major training camps in Georgia during the war: Camp G_____, Camp B_____ and Camp W_____.
What became more common in every household after WWII
This man led Germany during WWII.(2)
FDR attended this University.
First baseman for the Atlanta Braves.(2)
This Georgia Company was the largest facility in the country for building bombers during WWII.(2)
This president appointed Franklin Delano Roosevelt to be Assistant Secretary of the Navy.(2)
FDR's vice president became president afte FDR collapsed and died of a stroke during his 4th term as president.(2)
What was one of the major reasons that Georgia colleges grew after WWII?
Japan surrendered after an attomic bomb was dropped on this city.
In 1929, our country was devastated by this economic downturn.
This modern country was founded in 1948.