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Magnificent Musicals - Rodgers and more

IOW [In Other Words] Merry-Go-Round, 1945
IOW Watercraft with a Theater, Kern/Hammerstein
What sidekick Sandy might say in "Annie the Musical"
Technique of painting on dry plaster
What was it doing on the hot tin roof anyway?
Steinbeck wrote the story, Copland wrote the film score: "Of ___ and Men"
Maria, off to her new job with the Von Trapps, sings "_ ____ _______in Me"
Adam and ____
Escargot, en anglais
Harold Hill references the Golden _____ in "Ya Got Trouble" from "Music Man"
"I'm Just a Girl Who ___ ___ No". She's in a terrible fix.
____ and haws
Last word of a prayer
David Danzmayr now conducts this acclaimed Oregon instrumental ensemble, briefly
I scream, you scream, we all scream for this cream
From Godspell: "Prepare Ye the Way of the ____"
Actor Sharif
What 5 across needs if it breaks down
Bird's abode
Above foot, below shin
Meredith Willson's Harold Hill is the "Music ____"
IOW Lady Grab a Firearm by Irving Berlin, 1946
Atticus Finch says "it's a sin to ____ a mockingbird"
Composer ___ Rorem
IRS tax return inquiry
Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera "Princess ____"
IOW The Siam Ruler and Me, 1951
This "Story," by Bernstein and Sondheim/Laurents, was a movie in 1957 and 2021
Mother Superior told Maria, IOW, Ascend Each Elevation
For a single time only
Planet the Apollo astronauts saw from space
"___Used To Be Mine" from "Waitress"
Indicating [someting] in a quote was misspelled but left in
Airport for Ado Annie, Laurey, and Curly
Notes and flowers sit on them
Hymn-like movements in oratorios and cantatas
Organs of the butcher shop
From South Pacific: " ____ __ ____ ____ A Dame"
Rodgers' contemporary who wrote "Hello, Dolly," "Mame," and "La Cage aux Folles"
Rodgers' professional BFF Oscar ______
Hopeful list you get put on if a flight is full
Come on along and listen to "The _______ of Broadway"
Nellie Forbush is this kind of optimist in "South Pacific"
Indoor football venue
What St. Helens did in 1980
Unwarranted, unfair
1951 "We ___ in a Shadow" from 44 across
One of the Blues Brothers
Sea urchin edible delicacy
1956 duet from 1 across "__ _ Loved You"