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2021 Online Discussion Films at BMFI

A Brooklyn neighborhood is brought to the brink during a hot summer day (4 words)
The wealthy and poor alike feed off each other in this international smash hit
A girl witnesses a dark secret that threatens her family in a close-knit Black community in the South (2 words)
A colorfully unconventional musical romance with a bittersweet twist (4 words)
In an effort to be "socially relevant," a Hollywood director sets on a path to self-discovery as a tramp (2 words)
Estranged brothers meet in India for a spiritual journey aboard a luxury train (3 words)
An absurdist satire set in a dystopian world with a heavy reliance on poorly maintained technology
A reporter attempts to unfurl the nefarious preoccupations of a secretive organization in this political thriller (3 words)
In this Cold War black comedy, an unhinged US general attempts to start a nuclear war with the Soviet Union (2 words)
An intimate portrait of friendship and capitalist enterprise in 1820s Oregon (2 words)