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Frank Capra Filmography

A disillusioned man is introduced to a world where he never existed (4 words)
A cynical reporter stares down the "walls of Jericho" (4 words)
A political outsider fights corruption on Capitol Hill (5 words)
A frequent flyer in Capra films, starting with LADIES OF LEISURE (2 words)
Worlds collide when a middle-class man falls in love with a wealthy woman (6 words)
Spencer Tracy runs for president amidst the dubious machinations of Angela Lansbury (4 words)
A man discovers a dark family secret on his wedding day (4 words)
A small-town man with a big inheritance must fend off greedy opportunists in the big city (5 words)
What most of the films in this puzzle have in common (2 words)
Capra's 7-part WWII documentary series (3 words)