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The Great Gatsby

Author: Makenzie Clanagan
What is the color of Gatsbys' car?
What is Gatsby's first name?
What kind of lifestyle does Nick live?
____ was a photographer
Where does Nick know Tom from?
Who did Nick visit in the West end?
What was Jay Gatsby known as?
What did Jordan do to win her first tournament?
How often does Jay have parties?
Who was a slender?
What is the name of the garage car shop?
What season does this take place in?
Who is Daisys husband?
What did Gatsby give to Nick?
What is Daisy and Nicks relationship?
What happened to Cody?
What does Nick like about Jordan?
Where does daisy live?
What did Gatsby want to get by having parties?
Who is the author of The Great Gatsby?
What does tom chase?
Who was Gatsbys mentor?
What religion isn't Daisy?
Who named Gatsby his first name?
Where is Myrtles' husbands gas station?
Who does Nick meet in NY?
What was Nicks' fortune?
Is Nicks' mistress a boy or girl?
What is the color of the dock?
Where does Nick live?
What did Nick get at Myrtles apartment?
What is Gatsbys personality?
Who is Nicks' mistress?
What did people view Gatsby as?
How do the Buchanan's live?
What age did Gatsby change his name?
What did Gatsby serve in?
What body part did Myrtle brake?
Where did Nick use to live?
What kind of accident occurred ?
Who did Nick travel to NY with?
What sport does Jordan play?