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Age of Absolutism and Enlightenment

What number does XIV represent?
How many natural rights are there?
Where was Mozart from?
What did Peter the Great do to Russia?
Thomas Jefferson said life, liberty, pursuit of _______.
How was the cost of transportation after the improvement in ship design?
Who wrote Don Quixote?
Louis ___ of France
monarch of Russia
Two Treatises on Government
What did the Palace of Versailles symbolize?
Sun ___
Palace of _____
Separation of Church and State
At what age did Mozart start composing?
______ Revolution
monarch of France
The Social Contract
Peter the _____
Classical composer
_____ of powers
The Spirit of Laws
How many enlightenment thinkers were there?
Who painted Liberty Leading the People?
divine ___
Baroque composer
life, ___, property
______ toleration
What is the other name for a Russian king?