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Paul Thomas Anderson's Filmography

PTA's debut feature was a showcase for character actor Philip Baker Hall (2 words)
This film marked PTA's-and Adam Sandler's- debut in the Criterion Collection (3 words)
An actor in 4 PTA films, including next month's discussion film (3 words)
Number of Academy Award wins for PTA so far
PTA's first Oscar nod was for this film, based on his short "The Dirk Diggler Story" (2 words)
PTA's Pynchon adaptation is equal parts Raymond Chandler and Cheech & Chong (2 words)
PTA's first foray into adapting a novel to the big screen (4 words)
A fastidious dressmaker's life is disrupted by his new muse and her mushrooms (2 words)
The charismatic leader of a religious movement finds a willing supplicant in a wayward WWII vet (2 words)
This epic melodrama draws inspiration from NETWORK and ORDINARY PEOPLE