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Types of Sharks
These sharks love going to Florida in February and March.
This shark has a 10-foot tail.
This shark has worm-like projections on it's head.
This shark chomps perfectly round circles out of whales and dolphins.
The strongest baby of this type of shark eats the others before they are born.
This shark is among the fastest-swimming shark.
These sharks have a flat body like a stingray.
Some of these sharks have been found in the Mississippi River.
This is the second largest shark.
Has been known to leap out of water into boats.
This shark is immune to a stingray's venom.
A bottom-dwelling shark that hunts at night and sleeps during the day.
This is the biggest shark and biggest fish.
This type of shark has been known to eat strange things.
A very uncommon, strange looking shark.
A small, gentle shark.