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What is the name of Cinderella's stepmother's cat?
Who is the wooly mammoth in Ice Age?
Who is Mulan's father?
Who is the smallest minion of Despicable Me?
What is the name of Cinderella's husband?
Who is Wreck-It Ralph's best friend?
Who is the star of Pirates of the Caribbean?
What is the name of the reindeer in Frozen?
Who owns the factory in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
Who is the boss of the hyenas in the Lion King?
Who is Alice's best friend in Alice in Wonderland?
What is the name of Nemo's teacher?
In the second film, Alice enters Wonderland through the _______ _______.
What is the name of the director in the world of the Truman Show?
Who is Adam's dad in The Son of Bigfoot?