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Edith Hamilton's Mythology
Another name for Hades
Poseidon is god of the _____
She turned men into swine.
The wax on his wings melted; his didn’t. (2 words)
Brought fire to people
Half bull, half human
Greeks hid inside. (2 words)
Jason searched for the Golden _____.
Whose box?
Traveled twenty years to get home
It’s a bird. No, it’s a horse.
He stole Helen.
King of the Greek gods
Mars (3 words)
What a heel!
Strongest man ever
One-eyed Cyclops’ other name
Where the gods lived (2 words)
Half goat, half human
The other name for Hermes
God of love
The whirlpool, not Scylla
Singers of dangerous songs
Capital of Greece
Norse Hall of the Dead
Who Oedipus killed
She needs a new hairdresser.
Where’s the Oracle?
Twelve famous ones of these