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The House on Mango Street
The girls talk about women’s _____ while jumping rope.
The police arrest Louie’s cousin for stealing this kind of car.
Esperanza feels a connection with the four skinny _____.
What kind of sandwich does Esperanza eat at the canteen?
Rafaela’s husband locks her indoors because she is too _____.
The girls name the different kinds of _____.
Mamacita cannot _____. (2 words)
Lucy and Rachel want five dollars so they can buy a(n) _____.
Who is “Queen of Cats”?
Marin dreams of getting _____.
Esperanza’s new job involves matching negatives and _____.
Sally must kiss Tito and the boys to get her _____ back.
Who moves into Cathy’s former house?
The children from this family misbehave, and one dies.
Esperanza’s name means _____.
Minerva’s husband _____ her.
The narrator wants a best friend who will keep her _____.
The mother with small feet gives the girls old _____. (2 words)
Esperanza’s mother quit school because she was ashamed of her _____.
Mama’s _____ smells like bread.
At her cousin’s baptism, Esperanza _____.
Who is “Beautiful and Cruel”?
Alicia is trying to escape the neighborhood by going to the _____.
The old man who owns the junk store does not want to sell this. (2 words)
The three sisters tell Esperanza to “remember always to _____ _____. (2 words)
Who dies in a hit-and-run after dancing with Marin?
The Chinese year Esperanza is born in
Esperanza’s aunt tells her to keep doing this.
What are the “four-legged fur”?
What is the name of Esperanza’s sick aunt?