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The Dreams of David Lynch

A high-speed road movie via Ford Thunderbird (3 words)
L.A. Trilogy Part III: Doppelgangers, murder, and a curse (2 words)
A low-speed road movie via lawn mower (3 words)
Lynch's attempt at adapting an "unfilmable" sci-fi classic
Lynch's debut feature, and a midnight movie favorite
L.A. Trilogy Part I: Doppelgangers, murder, and VHS tapes (2 words)
See 4-Down (4 words)
With 2-Down, this prequel chronicles the last days of Laura Palmer (2 words)
A hit for crooner Bobby Vinton, and a second Best Director Oscar nod for Lynch (2 words)
L.A. Trilogy Part II: Doppelgangers, murder, and car accidents (2 words)