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Vowelless Crossword (PfP 50)

Before entering each word, remove all vowels! (Y always counts as a vowel.)
Madder (7)
Test (6)
Known facts (6)
Travel plan (9)
Like words without vowels (4,2,9)
Vegetarian Tex-Mex item (4,7)
√2 or e (10,6)
Messages traditionally priced by their word counts (9)
Writing system with vowels optional (6,8)
Spicy vegetable
Renewable energy source (7)
Hogwarts class taught in a dungeon (7)
Renewable energy source (7)
Be near (8)
Common position before President (8)
Traffic circle (9)
Once-per-season Top Chef competition (10,4)
Origin (8,5)
Stupid (7)
Tennis's Williams (6)
Origin (6)
Analogue (8)
"All I Want for Christmas Is You" singer (6,5)
Yellow-and-black creature (9)
Hold back (8)
Content (5)
Talking toy (3,2)
Polish, perhaps (8)