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Their Eyes Were Watching God
What does Joe Starks buy with cash that surprises people?
“Ah done lived __________’s way, now Ah means tuh live mine.”
Tea Cake’s secret profession is __________.
Members of the __________ warn Janie and Tea Cake about the hurricane coming.
The men decide which person gets a coffin and which ones are put in a mass grave according to the victim’s __________.
At first, Janie resists Tea Cake’s advances because she is __________.
“The vision of __________ __________ was desecrating the pear tree…” (two words)
Customs, superstitions, stories, dances, and songs that have been orally passed down
Tea Cake takes Janie to do what by moonlight?
“[B]ig beans, big cane, big weeds, big everything” is a description of the __________.
Tea Cake does this to Janie to show Mr. Turner that she is his possession.
Logan Killicks visits this place to purchase another mule so that Janie can plow. (two words)
The __________ __________ symbolically represents Janie’s blossoming into womanhood. (two words)
Tea Cake teaches Janie to play this game.
The Washburn family calls Janie this name.
Says women are “de mule[s] uh de world”
Janie is __________ of Tea Cake’s murder.
What Janie hides in her shirt in case Tea Cake disappoints her
Janie’s kiss with __________ __________ is the “end of her childhood” according to her grandmother. (two words)
All but the first and last chapters of the novel are __________.
Joe __________ Janie when she makes a dinner that he does not like.
Nanny had to flee her childhood master’s plantation because his __________ threatened her.
After her marriage to Logan, Janie “went on inside to wait for __________ to begin.”
Who says of the porch sitters, “An envious heart makes a treacherous ear”?
The author refers to the porch sitters as what animals?
Who amuses Janie by imitating her way of sitting and laughing?
Janie gets jealous of the relationship between Tea Cake and __________.
Janie removes this after Joe dies. (two words)
“He could be a bee to a blossom—a pear tree blossom in the spring,” is about whom? (two word)
Generally, Joe does not let Janie do this.