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A Raisin in the Sun
In the final scene, Walter __________ Mr. Lindner’s offer to buy the Youngers’ house.
The play takes place in the city of __________.
Mama’s _________ died a few weeks before the beginning of the action in the play.
Walter is amused when Travis says he wants to be a[n] __________ __________. (2 words)
Mama gives __________ the rest of the money.
The plot revolves around what the Younger family will do with a $10,000 __________ check.
Beneatha is offended when Asagai calls her a[n] __________.
Walter wants to invest in a[n] __________ store with his friends.
In Act I, Ruth finds out that she is __________.
__________ stole Walter’s money.
The Youngers’ house is in _________ __________, a white neighborhood. (2 words)
Who is Mama referring to when she tells Beneatha, “I guess you better not waste your time with no fools”?
Mama says that $3,000 must be saved for Beneatha’s __________.
The last thing that Mama takes from the apartment
Who told the Youngers about the bombing of a black family’s home?
Walter’s job
George and __________ go out on a date to the theatre.
The Youngers buy new __________ tools for Mama.
He proposes to Beneatha. (2 words)
What member of the “Welcoming Committee” comes to visit the Youngers? (2 words)
Asagai tells Beneatha that straightening her hair is __________.
The opening poem is by __________ __________. (2 words)
The women are angry about Walter’s decision to __________ the new house.
The first thing Mama buys with her money
Asagai says: “Movement, progress…it makes me think of __________.”
Mama says: “__________ is life. Once upon a time freedom used to be life—now it’s __________.” (same word)
Beneatha embraces her African heritage by cutting her hair and wearing __________ clothes.
Beneatha wants to be a[n] __________.
Mama slaps Beneatha because Beneatha says she does not believe in __________.