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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
Slaves are taken by the __________ to be whipped when they disobey their masters.
Mr. Auld causes Douglass to realize that __________ is the way out of slavery.
Douglass wrote his Narrative to help __________ educate people on the horrors of slavery.
Sandy Jenkins gives this to Douglass to protect him from Mr. Covey’s beatings.
Douglass does not have information about his __________ because he is not permitted to ask his master.
Captain Auld finds “__________ sanction and support for his slaveholding cruelty.”
The secret network of people who help slaves escape (two words)
Douglass learns to write primarily so that he can write his own __________ to travel north.
In __________ __________, Douglass is surprised that black families have nice homes. (two words)
What do the ships on the Chesapeake Bay represent to Douglass?
Masters give __________ to slaves to discourage them from revolting.
Douglass starts a __________ school to teach other slaves to read.
Who teaches Douglass letters and how to read simple words? (two words)
Douglass is eager to leave the Lloyd plantation and move here.
Where does the anti-slavery convention happen?
“…of all __________ with whom I have ever met, religious __________ are the worst.” (same word)
Who encourages Douglass to speak at the antislavery meeting? (two words)
Slaves call the home plantation of Colonel Lloyd __________ __________ __________. (three words)
Mr. Gore kills this slave to prevent “the total subversion of all rule and order on the plantation.”
Douglass contemplates this act when he does not know how to change his situation.
The term for people of mixed race
“He was, of all the overseers, the most dreaded by the slaves.” (two words)
The Colonel puts this on the fences keep slaves from stealing fruit.
Slaves work constantly because they never know when Covey might __________ them.
Mr. Covey bought a slave named Caroline to use as a __________.
Mr. Covey is known for __________ slaves who don’t obey.
“__________ no man!” is Douglass’s motto while trying to escape to freedom.
Under the orders of Master __________, Douglass is able to hire his own time.