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Science Fiction at the Oscars

Bruce Willis is sent back in time to prevent a world-ending virus (2 words)
The H.G. Wells novel on which this movie is based has been adapted at least five times for the big screen and has inspired countless other sci-fi films (5 words)
"Be afraid. Be very afraid." (2 words)
Director Neill Blomkamp uses aliens as an apartheid allegory in this Best Picture-nominated film (2 words)
A programmer interviews an android to see if she is capable of thought (2 words)
Couple up, or be turned into an animal (2 words)
Humanity faces extinction after two decades of infertility (3 words)
A trash-collecting robot falls in love and brings humanity back to Earth (2 words)
Stanley Kubrick's dystopian crime film based on the classic novel by Anthony Burgess (3 words)
A slain police officer is revived as a cyborg law enforcer by a corrupt megacorporation