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Washington's Presidency

Country which armed and encouraged the Natives to fights against U.S. settlers in their lands.
Protection money paid to the pirates.
Political party which did not want the Constitution ratified.
Not taking sides in a conflict.
Created to protect our shipping and coasts.
What the "DC" stands for in Washington DC
Washington's Secretary of the Treasury
What we needed from Britain in order to grow.
Political party which supported ratifying the U.S. Constitution.
Pirates along the ___ Coast attacked our merchant ships.
Funding Act of 1790 said the U.S. should pay off the ___ debts.
Articles which argued in favor the U.S. Constitution.
Device used to execute French rulers during their revolution.
Washington's Secretary of State
John ___ negotiated a treaty with Britain in 1794.
To capture foreign sailors and make them serve in your navy.
Biggest financial problem facing the new U.S. of A.