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Shirley, an amazing career!

Mike Nichols directs MacLaine in this film written by Carrie Fisher (4 words)
MacLaine gets Oscar nom #5 for playing a former New York ballerina (3 words)
Oscar nom #2 for MacLaine, despite its controversial subject matter (2 words)
MacLaine plays a nun alongside Clint Eastwood's gunslinger (5 words)
A reunion with Billy Wilder and Jack Lemmon, and Oscar nom #3 (3 words)
With 5-Down, MacLaine's only non-acting Oscar nom (5 words)
MacLaine and Debra Winger earn Oscar noms for playing mother and daughter (3 words)
See 2-Down (3 words)
The tagline for this 1989 film is "The funniest movie to ever make you cry" (2 words)
MacLaine plays a millionairess opposite Jack Black in this Richard Linklater film