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Crossed Out - 10 March 2021

In fairness it's only frozen water (7)
A faint chorus breaks out from Rainbow Nation (5,7)
Investigate hold up in Port Elizabeth (5)
Strange mania grips one born in this country (7)
It's packed with micronutrients! (3)
Make good fortune from American nickels (9)
Pharaoh uses force to restrain leaders of Hebrew exodus (6)
They make things fast for Usain in America (1-5)
With respect to novel it's not to be published (3,6)
Food for flower child with no joint? (3)
See 5
Wild animal spotted in Pinelands (5)
Country where opposition party sit in the sun (5)
US politician commits foul treason (7)
Yes, sleepover in Land of the Rising Sun (5)
Grumpy? (5-8)
Losing significance in the dark, naturally (2,7)
He's cut out for a job in the harem (6)
Total? Not entirely by the sound of it (3)
Vegetation to protect against cats and dogs? (8,5)
Traveling in these will make one late (7)
Doubtful bee went in the middle (2-7)
Wound maiden with pirate sword (7)
Birds able to carry a lot of weight? (6)
A bird you may see down under (5)
Study or cheat (3)