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mr davis: mr davis
Solid part of center of the earth
Movement based upon differing temperature
Forms in a divergent boundary between two oceanic plates
When physical forces (wind, rain, running water) break down rock
Non-reversible changes that change a material permanently
A more accurate date based upon radioactive decay
Wegener's idea that the continents used to all be connected and had moved apart
Ancient super continent
A law of geology that says that an igneous intrusion is younger than the rock it crosses
part of Interior of earth that exhibits plasticity
Rocks made from fine particles of rock compacted and cemented together
A fossil that allows you to identify the age of a rock
A group of minerals bound together
Rocks that have undergone extreme pressure and heat
Occur when two continental plates collide
Theory that explains the movement of plates
When half of the radioactive material in a sample has decayed
Gives you an estimate of age based upon where a layer of rock occurs
Rocks made from cooled magma
Changes that do not alter a material
Occurs between an oceanic plate and a continental plate
Coming together
Sliding in opposite directions