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What do you know about Christopher Columbus?

Columbus was named________ of the Ocean Seas?
How many ships went on the first voyage of discovery to America?
Where was Columbus born?
What did Columbus name the first island he discovered?
What is cartography?
What was the name of the king that funded Columbus's voyages?
What was the name of the queen who funded Columbus's voyage?
What island was Columbus stranded on for over a year toward the end of his life?
What was the name of Columbus's first son?
What was the name of Columbus's second son?
Which ocean did Columbus sail across?
What was the name of his flagship (in English) on his first voyage?
What was Columbus's flagship in his first voyage called?
In 1476 at the age of 25, what country was Columbus shipwrecked in?
When Columbus was stranded at age 25, in what city did he stay?