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Election 2020

***Spaces are included 
1st debate moderator
Legislation that Biden may or may not support
Southern state Trump files a lawsuit in
Senator who will have a hard time becoming speaker again
Trump's pet name for Democrats
Biden's favorite DC Comic inspired name to call Trump
The reason the Supreme Court is now 6-3
Vaccines, quarantine, masks
Swing state with 20 electoral votes
Climate related issue Trump strongly supports and Biden wants to move away from
What Trump claims happened during the election
Acronym emblazoned across Trump apparel
Number of electoral votes South Carolina has
Something Trump did not initially condemn
Joe Biden's favorite word
Trump's idol
2nd debate moderator
Something Trump promised would be available by Election Day
Trump's favorite way to describe Biden
The best thing to be invented for a 2020 presidential election debate since sliced bread
Kamala Harris' famous line to shut down Pence
Proof that God is a woman
Trump's pet name for Democrats
Out of pocket weapon used by Trump against Biden
Southeast state Biden flipped
State that didn't update their vote count for days
Far right conspiracy theory
Doctor that Trump says he's going to fire even though he can't