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Election Vocabulary

The _____ is the first round of voting in the Presidential race.
During the _____, the candidates were able to discuss and argue their opinions.
The Presidential _____ was on November 3rd.
All Presidential candidates must follow the _____ to become President.
The ______ is when each political party choses their candidates for President.
The President's _____ is four years.
The _____ was running for the office of President.
The 19th Amendment allows women's _____, or right to vote.
The ceremony to celebrate the President's new job is an _____.
When voters vote in person, they need to visit a _____ to do so.
It is important to _____ for the candidate that you believe will do the best for your country.
The candidates that are running for office were chosen in the _____.
The _____ makes the final decision on the winner.
The candidate was worried that his ______ would win the election.
The candidate's _____ was ran by a group of her biggest supporters.
The winning Presidential candidate's _____ will become the Vice President.
Usually, a candidate represents one _____. This group shares similar ideas and beliefs.
Make sure to mark your vote clearly on the _____.
The winner of the office made an _____ to do the best job they can do.