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Crossed Out - Wednesday, 14 October 2020

A concern about victory in war is the incivility that follows (11)
It’s a case of first in the picture (7)
Bloated clergyman died (5)
Wretched Darcy in last place (5)
Precious stone fish (7)
Miss dame in distress (6)
Final sum total is short-changed (6)
Something to have that’s nice and cold inside (4-3)
Ways to get State Scholarship (5)
Reproducing a sonar echo (5)
Wrongly boo girl debtor (7)
Author uninspiring when rewriting rest of verses (11)
Be right by myself on shoulder of the road (5)
Cleansing agent starts to genetically eradicate pestilence (7)
Japan right to leave Peter out (6)
More appropriate resort is to run (5)
Damper cooked indoors (7)
Erudite Scot making Professor (11)
Advocates assertive doctor for reassignment (11)
Love stories told after my wedding pledge (7)
Little loose woman? A tasty one! (7)
Group again and change for the better (6)
Gin cocktail returned to bar (5)
Fury when financial supporter changes sides (5)