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The Great Gatsby
Nick’s relationship with __________ falls apart because he is disillusioned with the rich.
“Midas” is a reference to a legendary __________.
Where does Wilson kill Gatsby?
Daisy is one of the wealthiest people in __________ __________. (two words)
The __________ of Dr. T. J. Eckleburg
Jordan Baker has been accused of doing this during a golf game.
What does Nick begin to view as a cold and heartless place?
Gatsby’s guests “conducted themselves according to the rules of behavior associated with…” what? (two words)
Gatsby dropped out of college because he was embarrassed by his job as a __________.
Who believes that the past can be repeated by “fix[ing] everything just the way it was before”?
Nick thinks that Gatsby is better than Tom or Daisy is because he has a __________.
According to Gatsby, his parents were unsuccessful __________.
Nick describes this physical feature of Gatsby in detail when he meets him.
Daisy and Gatsby met in the town of __________.
This character is disgusted by the changes happening in society. (two words)
Who is the only of Gatsby’s party guests to attend his funeral? (two words)
The narrator of the story is __________.
When he returned from war, Nick thought the West was the “ragged edge of the __________.”
Daisy’s most notable feature is her __________.
What belonging of Dan Cody’s “represented all the beauty and glamour in the world”?
What does Gatsby throw onto the table to flaunt his wealth to Daisy?
What school did Gatsby attend after the war?
The “valley of __________” symbolizes empty lives, barren of morals or spirituality.
The __________ __________ on the dock symbolizes Gatsby’s hopes and dreams for the future. (two words)
Jay Gatsby’s given name was __________ __________. (two words)
Most of Gatsby’s party guests __________ him.
Who appears unintelligent and reads scandal magazines? (two words)
Who is actually the driver of the car that kills Myrtle?
Nick and Tom both attended this school.
Gatsby knocks this off of the mantle when he reunites with Daisy at Nick’s house.