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Election Madness final

Counting the votes again
A meeting held by members of a party to decide on an issue
Person who is certified to represent their state in the Electoral College
The person currently in a job or political office
A geographical area that an elected official serves or represents
A group intent on governing in a specific way based on a specific platform
A group of candidates that a party is running in an election
The process to remove a high level government official
The final candidate chosen by a party to represent them in an election
A collection of beliefs, legislative goals, morals, and ideas
A list of candidates and proposed laws that voters mark to make choices
A day of ceremony in which a newly-elected official takes office
An election held to choose which of a party will be nominated for the general election
A person who lives, works , or pays taxes in an area that a politician represents
The set length of time for someone to serve in an elected office