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Crossed Out - Wednesday 15 July 2020

The first animals by definition (9)
Contents of violin case used to rule an Empire (5)
See clip about darkness made of light (7)
Knight arrived after sun went down (4)
Snake stops on road surfaces (8)
Followed to catch girl in the end (6)
Take half an hour to confuse a sun with a planet (6)
Had us try stew during the week (8)
Excessively sentimental Afrikaner pair (4)
Rod's caught about ten little creatures (7)
It's plain to see Trevor is turned right off (5)
Cheater breaks date rule by starting relationship (9)
Stresses about account having only coins (7)
Quick and stylish punctuation mark? (4)
A kid resting (2,4)
Desert old online retailer in favour of Takealot? (8)
Car in pole position? (4)
Refusing to give up cosmetic prettiness (10)
Police officers assigned to princess? (10)
Persuaded a boy to hide in the reed (8)
What place can’t be found but is at present right in front of you? (7)
Maiden heading for disaster with various males (6)
Outrun domesticated bears free from ties (4)
Have a nap? It's not quite twelve! (4)