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"You Wouldn't Want to Sail with Christopher Columbus!"

To accompany the book by Fiona MacDonald
This comes on your pickled meat—yuck!
Townspeople think Columbus' voyage will be this
These were considered unlucky onboard ships
Continent where Columbus began his voyages
The man who steers a ship
Name of one of the ships on Columbus' voyage(two words)
What you use to plot a ship's course
The cabin boy sings one of these at 3am.
Neat and safe
Name of one of the ships on Columbus' voyage
The type of green lizard spotted on the Bahamas.
Sailing experience is called this (two words)
Where Columbus thought he had landed on his first voyage
Thousands of the Carib and Taino people die from diseases like the common ________, brought by the Europeans
The "Imago Mundi" book argued that the world was round, not ________
The Queen of Spain, who agreed to pay for Columbus' voyage
If you keep a _______ of your voyage, you could publish it later and make a fortune!
How many days after the men's protest did they spot land?
Columbus gets excited when he sees people wearing gold ________________.
City in Italy where Columbus was born
The cleanest and healthiest place to sleep is on _______
These come with a biscuit lunch
America is named after Columbus' ________, Amerigo Vespucci.
First place Columbus landed in the New World
________ sails and leaks are two crew duties on board the ship
Name of one of the ships on Columbus' voyage
Something people from Europe would pay a high price for, from Asia
The language Columbus' interpreter speaks