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So You Think You Know Yiddish?

Words are spelled phonetically.  

Crossword Puzzle Created by The Breman Museum 
Cheap, shoddy, or inferior
To explode, or collapse as in aggravation.
A scandal, embarrassment.
A greeting that means “deep peace”
Someone who isn't Jewish.
This noun is synonymous with nerve and gall and is used to describe someone with the utmost confidence and audacity.
To stand around talking and making wisecracks, and it can also mean to give someone advice and commentary when they are trying to work.
An expression of disgust or disapproval, representative of the sound of spitting.
a food that is considered clean or fit to eat by Jewish dietary laws, or is slang for OK or correct.
Chicken fat or grease.
Smart person. Literally means “Jewish head.”
A clumsy person
Insanity or craziness.
Female busybody or gossip. a yente though maybe not very high-class), so many people mistakenly think that yente means matchmaker.
A jerk, a stupid person
To carry or travel with difficulty, as in “We shlepped here all the way from New Jersey.”
A jerk, or a self-made fool, but this word literally means penis.
Family, or someone who is “like family”
Or nash. To nibble; a light snack, but you won’t be light if you don’t stop noshing. Can also describe plagarism, though not always in a bad sense; you know, picking up little pieces for yourself.
Often used as an insulting word for a self-made fool, but you shouldn’t use it in polite company at all, since it refers to male anatomy.
Dirt – a little dirt, not serious grime.
Rear end, bottom, backside, buttocks.
Someone with constant bad luck.
Chat, make small talk, converse about nothing in particular.
To experience pride in someone else, typically one’s children
Exclamation of dismay, grief, or exasperation. The phrase
Knick-knack, little toy, collectible or giftware.
Excessively sentimental, gushing, flattering, over-the-top, corny. This word describes some of Hollywood’s most famous films.
good luck
Literally “slip,” “skate,” or “nosedive,” which was the origin of the common American usage as “a minor problem or error.”
To complain, whine or fret
A good homemaker, a woman who’s in charge of her home and will make sure you remember it.
More polite than bupkes, and also implies a strong sense of nothing: Beyond help.
A non-Jewish boy
Adjective describing someone as insane or as a noun to refer to a crazy person.
Serious troubles, not minor annoyances.
A non-Jewish woman, all too often used derogatorily.
An honorable, decent, stand-up person
Literally it menas"face." However, you wouldn't use it simply to refer to someone's visage. This Yiddish word is more specifically used, most often by grandparents, to endearingly talk about someone's sweet face.
A general word that calls for a reply. It can mean, “So?” “Huh?” “Well?” “What’s up?” or “Hello?”
To sweat
A word that means nothing. When you know zip, nada, zilch about a subject matter.
Tattered clothing that looks well-worn. A rag.
It's the essence, substance, and practicalities of a matter.
Chat, make small talk, converse about nothing in particular with people you might want to impress.