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The Art of Drawing

Teacher: Mrs. Clouse
A drawing that illustrates the parts of a structure or form
The thickness of a line
An area of parallel lines
Broad; wide
One who is self-taught
Having many intricate elements
The shape or form of a three-dimensional surface
Pattern of lines arranged in a series of sharp angles
Crisscrossing lines; the direction of the lines, as well as how dense they are, can affect the form and value of the image
Any stroke made by a pen, brush, or other tool
An area of darkness that is cast by an object that cuts off light to that area
An image simplified to lines, shapes, forms, and colors
The area in an artwork that appears closest to the viewer
Rough lines used to develop a figure or a form in a drawing
The 2-dimensional surface of a painting or drawing
A from reduced to its most basic shape
2 elements opposing one another, such as when dark and light are placed near each other in a way that shows their differences
A series of marks
Areas of light value in a work of art
Delicate, thin lines
Slanted, moving from the lower left to upper right or lower right to upper left
A pattern or element that occurs over and over in a work of art
A part of a painting or drawing that is between the foreground and the background
To place side by side
Lines that run top to bottom, or parallel to a flat surface
The act of looking closely
The line that defines the outward edges of a shape
The part of an artwork that seems farthest from the viewer
Areas of light value that bring attention to a certain part of an artwork
To make less complex
The quality of a color
Similar or identical images or sets of images repeated in an artwork
Not curved
The representation of 3-dimensional space
A line that bends or turns