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Atlanta Jewish History

Answers can be found in the Ida Pearle and Joseph Cuba Archives for Southern Jewish History at The Breman Museum.
A northern Jewish industrialist and superintendent of the National Pencil Company in 1913.
Jewish Atlantan who played baseball for the Yankees in 1967
Atlanta The City Too Busy to_____
First Jewish mayor of Atlanta (1970)
Spearheaded a three-decade effort to create Georgia’s first new city since World War II and the first mayor of Sandy Springs, Georgia
First overnight summer camp for the Atlanta Jewish Community Center
What kind of Jews established Congregation Or VeShalom in 1914?
According to the Atlanta Journal Magazine, May 18, 1913, what street is the “melting pot of Dixie”
1889 this small company town was established to accommodate the workforce for the Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill, the largest employer in Atlanta by the turn of the 20th century.
Who was the rabbi at the First Jewish Wedding in Atlanta 1867
Rabbi at the Temple when it was bombed
Gate City of the South
Jake Abelson, born in Russia became a well-known early in the 20th century as a?
What brothers built the first integrated hotel in Atlanta that attracted the Braves baseball team to the city
What Holocaust survivor, architect designed the Memorial to the Six Million at Greenwood Cemetery?
1911, Morris Hirsch, a founder of both the Temple and Hirsch’s clothing store, established the Morris Hirsch Clinic providing what services to the less fortunate.
Evelyn Greenblatt Howren was a _____ during World War II?
Store established in Atlanta by a Hungarian immigrant in 1867 that was synonymous with the success of the city.
Annual social gathering for young Jewish 20-somethings from all over the South featured in an Alfred Uhry play
The first synagogue built in Atlanta dedicated on August 31, 1877.
The oldest Jewish social club in Atlanta established in 1867 by the German Jewish community, originally called the Concordia Club
The Cotton States Exposition of 1895 was held in what modern day park?
Under President Carter was Chief Domestic Policy Advisor and later Executive Director of the White House Domestic Policy staff.
Leo Franks wife's first name
First non-profit in the state of Georgia (1889) housed what kind of Jewish children?
The Atlanta Jewish Community Center moved to a new location in 1956 on what street
Harry Kuniansky played what sport at UGA in 1940?
Frank Garson emigrated to America at the age of 17 and opened a company that made?
Author of the book, Denial, which was adapted to the movie with the same name
Temple Sinai formed in 1968 serves what kind of congregation?
The very first glass of Coca-Cola was sold at this pharmacy May 8, 1886
In 1936 Rabbi Tobias Geffen declared Coca-Cola was what?
Atlanta riots of 1906
Atlanta’s first Mayor Pro Tempore 1875.