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Washington State Geography

the study of the countries, oceans, rivers, mountains, cities etc of the world
a large area of rock with a very steep side, often at the edge of the sea or a river
a forest with tall trees that are very close together, growing in an area where it rains a lot
natural spring that sends hot water and steam suddenly into the air from a hole in the ground
a large mass of ice which moves slowly down a mountain valley
a large natural hole in the side of a cliff or hill, or under the ground
an area of land that is partly covered with water, or is wet most of the time
a hill formed of sand in a desert or near the sea
a deep narrow valley with steep sides
a large, deep valley with very steep sides of rock that usually has a river running through it
a piece of land almost completely surrounded by water but joined to a large area of land
a small narrow stream or river