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Geology Crossword

Normal fault with thicker strata on the hanging wall
Father of turbidites
Topographic result of carbonate dissolution
Hydrofluoric acid
Sylvan shale age
Global sea level change
Common sheet silicate
Log measuring borehole diameter
The present is the key to the past
Modulus of elasticity
Study of fossilized pollen/spores
Global sea level change
___________ and graben
Convex upward fold
Less than normal or hydrostatic pressure (Also a “Queen” hit song)
Elapsed time between release of seismic energy and its arrival at the receiver
Barrel abbreviation
“B” in MORB
Seismic wave with oscillation perpendicular to propagation direction
Dehydrated gypsum
Deposit on the inside of a growing meander
Plagioclase feldspar end member
Complement of 27 Down
Surface that represents time of nondeposition
Double logarithmic plot of resistivity and porosity
Secondary alteration
Basin-ward migration of shoreline
At the crust-mantle boundary
Separates cuttings from drilling mud
Igneous rock with light-colored minerals
Micro-crystalline quartz