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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Country that has wildfires all over.
The city where he received the Nobel Peace Prize.
She refused to give up her seat on a bus.
This memorial was the background for his speech.
State where he was murdered.
His famous speech was given in this city.
His wife's maiden name.
The city where Kennedy was assassinated.
Famous NBA player killed in helicopter crash.
This President signed the Civil Right Act.
The second President to ever be impeached.
Minister who led Civil Rights Movement after Dr. King.
He was this type of minister.
The city where he was assassinated.
The city where the Democrat Convention was held in 1968.
The last name of his assassin.
Acts as jury in impeachment process.
The dividing of a people by race, religion, etc..
The city where he was a minister.
This famous Kennedy was also killed in 1968.
City where he was born.
The way the citizens fought back against the bus system.
President of the U.S. today.