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The Catcher in the Rye

Student: Garrett Snedeker
Holden used to go here as a child; Likes it because everything stays the same.
All adults are ____ according to Holden.
Holden thinks all children are _____.
Holden writes Stradlaters paper on _____; causes a fight
School Holden is attending at the beginning of the book.
What holden wants to be when he grows up.
Holdens younger brother; died at a young age.
Holden buys this red ____ in New York.
All these events take place in how many days?
Holden takes her on a date; left crying after Holden calls her stupid.
Holden's little sister; understands Holden better than anyone.
Holden wonders where these go during the winter.
What does Holden buy for Phoebe? (Little Shirley Beans)
Maurice sends her to Holdens room; teenager.
Elevator boy; pimp.
Holdens favorite teacher; spends night at his apartment.
Narrator of the novel.
Holden has a conversation with two ____ at breakfast; talk about school
Holden's elderly history teacher at Pency; talks to him in the beginning of the book.
Phoebes fake middle name; The adventures of Phoebe ____ Caulfield.
Holden's handsome roommate at Pency.
Holden's childhood friend; goes on a date with Stradlater.
Holden's slob of a neighbor at Pency.
Holden older brother; a writer who sold out to Hollywood
Knows a lot about sex; Gets a drink with Holden.