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7th Grade Math Crossword

Teacher: shaw
A whole number
Any set of points in space or on a plane
A shape with a dip
An expression with variables.
A 4 sided shape
The lowest part or edge of something especially the part it sits on
Where a line crosses the x axis
A 12 sided shape.
A way to define the measurement
The area of a 3D figure without the bases
A triangle with an angle that is over 90 degrees
Where a line crosses the y axis
A group math symbols that is used to find the soloution
Where a number is written in 2 parts
2 angles that don't share a common side or vertex
A four sided shape with two sets of parallel lines
A 7 sided shape
A polygon with equal vertex angles
3.1415926535 etc.
A 4 sided flat shape with straight sides that has two pairs of adjacent sides