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Geological Crossword Puzzle

A form in earths crust
A natural resource made from dead organisms
Relating to living matter
Natural to the area or place
The act of eroding
Resources that come from the earth
An selection of time with a name
Another word for dry
A place where people harvest natural rock
Animals owned by humans are...
Something that settles at the bottom of a liquid
A large, high, flat area
Somethings that are pushed together fairly tightly
What the weather is normally like
A large area between mountains shaped like a bowl
Rock made from mechanical weathering
The leftovers of some thing
A small river or stream
A fracture in the earth's crust
Can be used again
A way to distribute water to a settlement
The act of revealing
The study of earth or rock
A person that studies the earth or rocks
A crack in the earth's surface