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NCSAM Security Crossword

Any unauthorized access to data, applications, or servers
Logical or physical tool used to filter network traffic
A type of network that allows for secure access to a network from off-site
Prevention of authorized access by overloading system resources (3 words)
Changing plaintext to cipher text using an algorithm
The multi-factor authentication tool provided by CWRU
Small software update provided by a manufacturer to fix bugs
Any unwanted/unsolicited email or phone call
Type of malware that self-replicates in attempts to steal information
A generic term for any type of malicious software
A type of malware that encrypts a user's files, then asks for payment to unlock them
A type of computer that provides files/services for other computers
Using physical characteristics to provide access (i.e. fingerprint scanner)
Emails sent with the intention of stealing money or account credentials
A tool provided by CWRU to generate and manage secure passwords
Large number of compromised computers used to send spam or denial of service attacks
On demand computer services hosted by a third party (AWS, Microsoft Azure)