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Ancient Greece (Newsela)

name: _____________________________  # ____

date: _______________________
Apollo rode in this
The highest mountain in Greece
Curious and beautiful, this goddess had a box full of life's evils
The government controlled sales of this food
Hercules completed 12 ____ to atone for the deaths of his family members.
Little is known about this era in Greek history
One of the earliest groups to populate the Greek peninsula, having initially migrated from India
This work by Homer related events of the Trojan War
Members of the dikasteria
Messenger of the gods
Zeus's favorite weapon
Poseidon ruled the ___ .
Goddess of love
Wine, olives, and pottery
An author
Goddess of wisdom
Vessels found by archaeologists
Members of this governing body were chosen by a lottery
God of war
a system of political reforms introduced by Cleisthenes
A body of water north of modern Turkey
In charge of the dead
a historian
A narrow stretch of land in Corinth
Story used to help explain the unknown
Merchants had to pay this to buy or sell outside of their own city