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Historical Geology/Paleogeography

Teacher: Professor Kevan Murphy
Extensive trust faulting toward the east during this phase of western N A mountain building
Shallow sea to the east of Pangea that persisted through the Mesozoic
Final phase of Rocky mountain orogent
Global ocean contemporary with Pangea
First Transgression of the late Paleozoic
Mid- Late Paleozoic Orogeny in Western margin of the N A continent
The proto-Atlantic ocean
Evidence in Gondwana for cyclothem deposition
Notable deposits of the Carboniferous-Permian
Glass spheres produced by an asteroid impact
Drop in sea level. the opposite of a transgression
Notable survivor of the K/T extinction
Batholith intrusions predominate this phase of Rocky Mountain orogeny
Middle phase of mountain building in the east as the Iapetus ocean closes
Sea level rise onto continents
The first stage in the development of the Rocky Mountains. Some very nice wines come from there as well
Jurassic epicontinental sea
These grains of quartz develop laminae indicating an extra-terrestrial impact
Extinction of large numbers of species
Supercontinent of the late Proterozoic (preCambrian)
Fan shaped thick sedimentary deposits eroding from the Taconic highlands westward into the interior
The first transgression of the Paleozoic
Possible extraterrestrial cause of extinction
Oxidation colored Triassic sediments produced under arid conditions in Pangaea's interior
Ordovician-Silurian transgressive sequence
Final mountain building stage in the Appalachian region of N A
The southern supercontinent
Coal deposits of the Carboniferous sandwiched between marine and non-marine sediments
Regression resulst in these
End Mesozoic extinction
End Cretaceous volcanism as possible cause of extinction
Largest extinction event in the history of life
Ordovician, North America- Island Arc orogenic event
End Permian supercontinent