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Columbus' Third and Fourth Voyages

Name: _______________________________
Form: _______________________________
Date: _______________________________
Columbus was given ___ ships on his fourth voyage.
Because of the chaos in Hispaniola on Columbus third voyage, the Columbus brothers were ______ and sent back to Spain by Francisco de Bobadilla
On Columbus' third voyage, the Spanish settlers ____ the Tainos (treatment)
On his fourth voyage, Columbus and his was stranded on ____ for over a year.
Columbus had __ ships on his third voyage.
On Columbus' third voyage, many of the Spanish settlers had become sick and many _____.
Columbus' third voyage lasted ____ years
On his third voyage Columbus again had to deal with a _____ by his men, the Spanish settlers.
On his third voyage, Columbus' crew was made up of ____.
Columbus discovered ___ on his third voyage (territory).