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The Early Years: Washington and Adams

It was suggested to GW that he could be this type of leader, but he refused. Class Discussion
Our nation's first two political parties were the Federalists and the ___ 291
Jefferson and the Republicans argued that the establishment of a national bank would be ___ because the Constitution does not specifically give Congress that power.
An action that is used as an example or becomes tradition. 283
The root of political parties in the US begins with an argument between Thomas Jefferson and this man. 285
American diplomats tried to meet with French officials to try to negotiate a treaty to stop attacks on American ships. The French agents demanded a bribe for themselves and money for the govt. 298
Congress did not want to pay back war bonds because these people would benefit. 284
The creation of this institution was at the heart of the argument that eventually grew into the formation of political parties in the US. 285
The heads of the departments of the Executive Branch. One of the precedents established by GW. 283
A very violent period during the French Revolution marked with extensive executions with limited evidence. Caused American support for the Revolution to weaken. video and discussion
These taxes are placed on goods coming from other countries into the US. The South was against them because they limited Southern businesses. 286
A ceremony held during which a political leader official takes office. 283
This war was fought against the govt of France, but affected Washington and the US as well. 295
Congress created this type of leadership after GW refused to become king. class discussion
Our early political leaders, including GW, did not like political parties. They referred to political parties as these types of groups. 290
1798 Congress passed this act that increased the duration that a person must live in the US to become a citizen and allowed the President to deport or imprison anyone he considered a threat. 300
This revolt led by American farmers occurred in Pittsburgh, PA as a protest over the Whiskey Tax. 287
1798 this act made it illegal to write or say anything insulting or "false" against the President, Congress or the govt in general. 300
This man was Washington's vice-president. In the election of 1796, he became the second president of the US. 293
Seizing or kidnapping of American men to serve in the British Navy. 296
This country went to war against France to try to stop the executions and government upheaval in France. They wanted the US to join on their side. 295
When the French Revolution turned into a war between Britain and France, Washington said the US would remain ___ 295
Most of the nation's early debt came from ___, which were certificates issued by the govt for a specific amount of money that the govt promises to pay back. 284