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Starting substances in a reaction are called ___.
In a reaction, "g" means.
A___reaction, is when substances react with oxygen, to produce energy in the form of heat & light.
In a reaction, the + sign means, ___.
When energy is given off in a reaction, this is an ___.
In a reaction, "l" means ___.
Energy is neither created nor destroyed.
# of units, taking part in a reaction are called, ___.
In a reaction, "s" means ___,
___reaction is when two or more substances combine to form a new substance.
When 2 cations change places, & you get 2 new compounds, this is called a ___ment reaction.
In a reaction, --> means, ___.
The new substances created in a reaction are called ___.
Forward & reverse reactions occur at equal rates.
In a reaction, "aq" means, ___.
When energy is absorbed in a reaction, this is called an ___.
1 or more substances converted into new substance/s, is called a _____.
In a reaction, an arrow with a triangle above it, means that __ was added.
A ___ment reaction, is when two metals change places and you get "one" new compound.
An example of a combustion reaction, is ___.
____Reactions, occur in forward and backward directions.
___reaction is when one substance breaks down into two or more substances.
A common reaction in South Texas is ___.
___, speeds up a chemical reaction