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Greece, Persia, Alexander 2

Use your brain, your binder with all worksheets, and both textbooks to help you complete the puzzle.
This Macedonian king built a powerful military; his son was Alexander the Great.
A system of government in which a small group of wealthy individuals holds power.
A Persian King that fought Greeks in the Persian Wars, one key battle was that at Thermopylae.
This WAR which lasted from 431 BC to 404 BC had Athens and its allies defeated by Sparta and its allies.
An organization formed under Pericles by uniting Greek city-states to help defeat the Persians.
This famous Greek orator and politician had three goals for Greece: to strengthen the Athenian Democracy, Hold and strengthen the empire, and Glorify Athens.
An independent Greek trading city located on Anatolia.
A vote to punish a public figure whom they saw as a threat to democracy.
Greek marketplace and meeting place found in the center of a Greek city-state.
This capital city was built in Persia by Cyrus the Great. It is famous for its beautiful palaces and irrigated gardens.
A type of serious drama that usually ends in disaster for the heroic character.
These Persian soldiers fought in the battles on horseback.
This capital city was built under the leadership of Darius the Great; it is well known for its underground plumbing and qanat systems.
This form of government is ruled by a single person, typically a hereditary ruler.
A fortified hilltop in an ancient Greek city.
Built by both Darius and Xerxes as they travelled from Asia into Europe to attack Greece, this utilized many boats tied together to have the soldiers and cavalry cross over the water.
Military formation of heavily armed foot soldiers with long iron-tipped spears and shields.
This monotheistic religion was popular in Ancient Persia.
These thinkers were determined to seek the truth and use logic and reason.
These wars were a series in which King Darius of Persia tried to conquer Greece, but Athens and Sparta resisted and Athens emerged as the most powerful city-state in Greece.
A large temple dedicated to the goddess Athena on the Acropolis in Athens.
The Mycenaeans fought a ten-year war against Troy in this war...they even useda huge wooden horse to trick their enemies.
An ancient Greek ship with three sections of oars. The Greeks used these against the Persians in the Battle of Salamis.
Greek word for city-state, the political unit in ancient Greece.
Greek city-state that is considered the birthplace of democracy, focussed on well-rounded citizens that were educated, had morals, and were creative thinkers.
This body of water is located to the west side of Greece.
This Greek philosopher encouraged people to question themselves and their moral character.
Greek city-state that was ruled by an oligarchy, they focused on military training, used slaves for agriculture, and discouraged the arts.
Darius the Great built this ancient highway to facilitate rapid communication and safe travel throughout Persia from Susa to Sardis.
These underground tunnels were dug into the mountains in Persia to transport water into the areas where is was needed.
This Persian leader vowed to destroy Alexander the Great, but was humiliated because he kept running away.
This disciple of Socrates was a philosopher who wrote "The Republic".