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George Washington

Washington supported innovative fiscal concepts such as the Bank of _______ and a national debt.
George Washington was the ________ of the Continental Army.
George Washington personally led the militia troops into battle and quickly suppressed the _____ Rebellion.
George Washington established the “_______ _______” within the Executive Branch of government.
The first Thanksgiving _________ was issued by George Washington.
Washington __________ the tradition of a presidential farewell address.
Washington established the United States _____.
Through Jay’s Treaty, Washington built a strong relationship with ______.
He issued the Proclamation of Neutrality to protect U.S. from war in Europe.
The most __________ precedent that George Washington set was to leave office peacefully after his terms in office.
George Washington was the only ___________ elected president.
He Led the U.S. to victory in the decisive land battle of the American _________ War.
Washington ______ on two bills while in office.