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Election Year Midterm Remediation

A statement of party beliefs and positions.
The philosophical movement that influenced the Declaration of Independence.
Our current, liberal, party.
To watch over the current political party in power to look for wrongdoing.
This Parliament legislation stated its rights to pass all further laws and taxes for the colonies.
A source of public opinion.
Who decides a presidential election if there's a tie vote?
Type of democracy in which the people govern themselves.
Obeying the law is an example of a citizen's...?
Who do interest groups most often represent?
What type of government has full power over its people and relies on terror/propaganda?
Issues that receive the most time, money, and attention from government leaders.
Type of primary where anyone can vote/choose a party's presidential candidate.
The people who represent interest groups to public officials.
The 26th Amendment lowered the voting age to what?
The most important aspect of the English Bill of Rights and the Magna Carta.
This vocab word is used to woo voters and is the main purpose of campaign advertising.
In this type of monarchy, a king or queen presides over the government but elected officials run the government.
A legal alien who permanently lives in the US.
Our current, conservative, party.
A major philosophy expressed in the Declaration of Independence.
The ultimate result of the Second Continental Congress.
To win the presidency, a candidate must win the ___________ College.