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Racist (and generally offensive) Crossword Puzzle II

Dedicated to and inspired by puzzlemaster Will Shortz.  
PItch at the head in baseball
Female dog
What Aunt Jemima was
Modern day equivalent to Chaucer's "Queint"
Hostess desert that's yellow on the outside, white on the inside
NFL's Washington ______
____ and Span
What Korean term for American sounds like to many Americans
Illegal Italian immigrant
What Southern Blacks call poor White trash
Acronym for Jewish American Princess
Idiomatic expression meaning little or no chance at all
What Mexicans call White Americans
Anglicization of Polish word for Polish male
Acronym for South Lake Union Trolley
Stingy Scrooge
____in the armor
Baseball's Herzog and Ford share this given name
Cheese and ____
Italian variant of French given name 'Guy'
Native Hawaiian term for White people
Derogatory Chinese term for White liberals
In ____ daylight
____ in the bud
Jesse Jackson called NYC this kind of town
Brass era (1896-1915) automobile
Papua New ______
Black woman who acts White
Wrestler _____ Tonk Man
When man fails to convince woman he's right
Title of LSU historian Nancy Isenberg's 2016 book
1990 Jessica Hagedorn novel
Bundle of sticks
Chinese term for foreigners and barbarians
Fruit that's yellow on the outside, white on the inside.
What a Mexican calls a White American when pissed at him.
Hard and brown on the outside, white on the inside. Grows on tropical trees.
Two step dance to reggae
1954 Operation______
White person who only hangs out with Black people
What some people get after working in the sun all day
Fresh Off the Boat's Eddie Huang has been called this because of his love of hip hop.
Cookie sandwich that's black on the outside, white on the inside.