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A New Year's Puzzle

A gift to you from one of Dave's happy Clients
Who is the best plumber in the Eastern suburbs?
An American chocolate biscuit much loved by The Lone Drainer and his team.
A tiny region on the West Coast of India where Dave Conroy went sailing one holiday and then lived to tell the tale!
A common size of business envelope that The Lone Drainer uses when he can't find your email address.
A device for controlling the passage of fluid or air through a pipe, duct, etc., especially an automatic device allowing movement in one direction only.
No plumber ever wants to hear from this government department (inits.)
The form of the indefinite article used before words beginning with a vowel sound. (NB: Little known fact: Most plumbers are good at grammar!)
Make a _ _ _ _ , check it twice, a nice piece of advice from your pals at TLDP.
Dave Conroy is well known in the district for his supernatural powers, especially his _ _ _.
If you are in a rural area, without access to the sewage system, you might need some of these. Also unflattering slang for Americans.
Lots of love or laugh out loud? (inits.)
The sixth note of the musical scale.
The chemical symbol for Calcium. Dave The Lone Drainer can deal with build ups of this in your pipes.
There's no tool like an old tool (and no we're not talking about Dave.). This one stands tall and straight and is much loved by old fashioned plumbers for digging out rocks and tree stumps.
Overseas (inits.)
How many electric _ _ _ _ does the Lone Drainer have? Four at last count, but the modern Vaporooter does the job much better.
If your pipes spring one of these, holler for TLD!
Always weathers to a nice colour when used for visible drainpipes.
Excellent, first rate (just like The Lone Drainer)
A former monetary unit of India and Pakistan, equal to one sixteenth of a rupee. Also the Christian name of a famous ballerina after whom Dave Conroy's favourite dessert is named.
Thank you. (abbrev.)
Conservation International (inits.) The Lone Drainer is an active water conservationist and keeps up with all the latest data and methodology.
Much respected Australian personality, now heading up Dementia Australia. (Christian name)
A useful, adjustable tool used for turning nuts or bolts.
_ _ _ _ a-lug! To exhort a mate to consume a beverage in a hearty fashion.
The most common clogger of bathroom basin drain holes.
An unusually acceptable exclamation used by The Lone Drainer when he trips over the Vaporooter.
Modus Operandi (inits.)
"No _ _ _ _ , no access on site." Good plumbers take foot safety seriously.
Microscopic, single-celled animals, found living in the damp environments where plumbers go to work. Often parasitic and sometimes dangerous. Keep your drains clean!
Another unusually acceptable exclamation rarely heard on worksites, but sometimes necessary for crossword puzzle clues....
Tongan History Association (inits.)
The Lone Drainer is a licensed _ _ _ fitter too.
A viewer who gives a flirtatious or lewd look at another person. Plumbers do not do this. Ever.
Plumbers are often employed at water _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ plants. H20 and all its crazy ways makes them happy.
A functional word used to indicate direction.
Human Resources Department (inits.) At the Lone Drainer in Coogee, the HRD is Dave Conroy. End of. Poor Dave, it's lonely at the top.
An electric _ _ _ is part of every plumbers toolkit.
An ancient exclamation used to draw attention to an interesting or amazing event.
The thirteenth letter of the Greek alphabet, rhymes with poo.
A system for powder coating colour choices, also text shorthand for Rolling About Laughing.
Beware one of these in March.
Not available (inits.)
You can _ _ _ _ _ Dave, the Lone Drainer and get a response in super quick time, i.e. pronto!
Best to keep these away from your wiring and out of your drains. They stink when they die on the job.
Dave, the Lone Drainer is _ _ _ your average plumber.
The best darned piece of machinery ever invented for getting roots out of drains, and The Lone Drainer is an expert with it.
A small insect that lives in a complex social colony known for its industriousness, just like Dave, The Lone Drainer!.
and the best cold beer is _ _ _. Matter of fact...
_ _ _ _! Who ya gonna call? Call the Lone Drainer!
Scientists call water The Universal _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
Plumbers Like Us (inits.)
Vessels capable of independent operation underwater. (abbrev)
The ISO country identifier for Slovenia. Dave wants to go here for his next holiday, so he knows all about ISOs.
Other plumbers just stand back in _ _ _ when Dave, The Lone Drainer is on the job.
The most abundant chemical in the human body. Will also create limescale on the inside of your pipes.
A vulgar expression denoting a stupid or irritating person. Also used by some crude plumbers as an expression of disbelief as in "My _ _ _ _ it is..."
Dave's favourite style of coffee is made in a Bialetti _ _ _ _ pot.
As well as their Hawaiian- style shirts, each member of The Lone Drainer Team also wears a rakish _ _ _.
When he's not attending to your every plumbing Need, Dave, the Lone Drainer can often be found running laps on the dry sand of Coogee _ _ _ _ _.
The best _ _ _ _ plans can be brought undone by a plumbing disaster.
The initials of Dave's favourite airline, All Nippon Airways.
A hollow in the ground in which water or salt may collect.
In reference to: (abbrev.)
A combination of hydrogen and oxygen that may exist as gas, liquid or a solid.
Move from a lower position to a higher one.
Dave's favourite cheese.
A fuss, uproar, commotion or stir.
Leave, depart.
A village in the English county of East Sussex from whence some of the Lone Ranger's ancestors descend.
Make warm.
Informal British slang for toilet. Also a useful putty- like builder's product.
Texting talk for Out of Luck.
Grow old or older. It happens to every one, even the Lone Drainer!
_._. Phone home.
The form of the indefinite article used before words beginning with a vowel sound. Plumbers are good at grammar!
Abbreviation of street and also of saint.